What Happens When You Die

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Do you wonder what happens when you die?

Do you know in your heart that life doesn’t end there somehow, that there IS something after?

Do we have a soul that lives on like we hear so much about these days?

It is often said that “when the student is ready the teacher will come”. Abraham, a Spiritual advisor from the Realm of Light, is the teacher, providing the lessons for you, the student, in the pages of this book.

The lessons come from the Source, the Spirit Guides

so we may know the truth as we try to understand the mysteries of life and evolution.

The chapters of the book hold answers to questions about:

  • the time of creation
  • human and animal evolutions
  • patterns of spiritual growth
  • the Spiritual Realms

Also included are many questions and answers to help clear up other uncertainties.

As you absorb the lessons in this little book,

you will have a clearer understanding of how the soul works and why you’re here.

Check it out here: Soul Evolutions & The Elemental Connection


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