Stop focusing on Negativity

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Words of Wisdom from Elijah.

At this time in your world, there is so much negativity abounding, not only have you negativity about finances but you have negativity around natural disasters, you have negativity around peoples lives whether it be health challenges and so forth.
What I say to you is that each and every one of you needs to stop focusing on the negativity. Yes, be aware of what is happening in your day to day lives, but do not go looking for it, so to speak. In other words once again we tell you to not listen your news, do not read your papers. If you do need to read your papers, read the pleasant things in the papers, look for the positivity in the articles do not look for the negatives.

Action to Take

So if you can change your thoughts into more positive thoughts, then you will find that those around you will follow suit. So instead of focusing on that negativity change it to positivity.

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