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Clairvoyant, Medium & Spiritual Teacher

Book a session and connect with the guidance you are missing on your personal journey through life.
Appointments can be conducted in person or online.

Tarot Card Reading

This hour-long session gives you a general overview of what’s happening in your day to day life.

My readings help you gain context and get affirmation and guidance.
Prior to the reading, jot down your questions on a piece of paper or make a mental note.

Normally your questions will be answered prior to asking them. Should there be any questions still unanswered, you will have the opportunity to ask them towards the end of your reading.

Keep an open mind and use them as a guide to make decisions about your life’s paths.

Spiritual Reading

An hour long session that connects you to your spirit guide.

This is spiritual mediumship that can be done in either full or semi trance with your own spiritual guide or in combination with a tarot reading.

Spiritual readings are not recommended as a first reading for people who haven’t done them before.

Linn relies on more than thirty years of experience to show you how to open the door and welcome guidance from the spiritual realm.

Past Life Regression

Do you know who you were or what you did in a past life?

How do the lessons from past lives impact your choices in this life? This hour long session will help you connect to your former lives.

Clear the residue of past lives that Should be may be impacting you in this life and preventing you from moving forward with clarity and confidence.

Using hypnosis techniques, these sessions can leave you feeling revitalised and ready for a fresh start.

Mind & Body Balancing

These unique take home sessions have the purpose of putting your spiritual, mental and emotional body back in alignment.

Our mind and body systems are intricately connected, working constantly to remain in harmony to heal when this natural balance is disturbed by physical, emotional or mental stress.

These sessions use a mixture of meditation and hypnosis techniques to bring the mind and the body into balance, allowing you to lead a happy and enjoyable life, to feel strong and vital, and to have better relationships.

This session is recorded on your device so you can refer to it each day.