How does White Light and Karma work?

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A question was asked to Serina of the Higher Realm brought through the medium Shana

Serina just how effective is white lighting if we do it as frequently as we should do it? Can it actually stop a car accident or would it stop something that was supposed to be karma?

She answered

… it won’t stop anything that is supposed to be karma, no. Sometimes things happen that aren’t karma. You can create things, don’t get too carried away with what is karma and what is not. So many people say well that must have been meant to happen, or what did I do to deserve that happening to me. They could have created it just then and there by being careless – “oh I fell over and I hurt my leg, what on earth did I do to create that in my life” – you were clumsy and that was the reason, you tripped over the chair because you weren’t looking. So many people do get a little bit carried away with this karma and they like to blame it on everything.

White lighting is very effective; it does help to guard against these types of things, useless accidents. Putting white light around your home, to guard against fire and theft and things like this – so it is very effective, yes, yes. But it won’t stop something that you have already chosen to happen. Don’t forget we don’t choose it, you do. You may have already chosen that your house was going to burn to the ground so you can white light until you are blue in the face but if this is what you have chosen, well I mean you can’t go back on what you have chosen, can’t go back on that word and it will burn to the ground.


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