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Understand Your True Path In Life

Linn Davies has been providing spiritual readings for over 25 years. She firmly believes in living a ‘spiritual life in a physical world’ and helping others to:

  • Discover their personal purpose
  • Connect with their spirit guides
  • Meditate to restore mind and body balance
  • Create the lives they want
  • Live by spiritually-based principles

Book your first session to learn about your spiritual guide and how you are connected, knowing that you are not alone. Get answers to material questions through a spiritually guided Tarot Card reading.


Hear From Current And Past Clients

Meet Linn

My grounding in the spiritual world has come from working for over 20 years with my mother Yvonne Davies, who was also known as a Full-Trance Medium and Spiritual teacher Sharna.

Because of my mother, I grew up knowing that my spiritual path would lead me to where I am today. I don’t see myself as having a gift, rather as having learned to tune into the messages coming to me from the spiritual realm. These messages give me confidence in my decisions and a strong sense of who I am meant to be.

When we meet, you’ll realise first up that I am just like you! People note that I’m very pragmatic and down to earth. I’m here to help you connect to your guides, so you can find the answers that already lie within you.


Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Master in NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy
Diploma in Stress Management from The Stress Management Institute

Code Of Conduct

It is my goal to help you live a spiritual life on a physical plane. This means showing you how to connect to your spirit guides.

My role as a medium is not to give you answers or tell you exactly what lies in the future, but to help you hear the messages which are intended for you and which will help you make the right choices for your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will our appointments take place?
How much does a reading cost?
Can we speak to my departed relatives?
Can I work with you for hypnotherapy?
What will be the outcome of our session?
What do I need to do to get the most out of my reading?
Where will our appointments take place?

We can meet in person at my home studio or online via video call. I currently work with clients from around the globe. 

How much does a reading cost?

Your hour-long spiritual guidance session is priced at $125

Can we speak to my departed relatives?

My calling as a medium and spiritual teacher means I am able to help my clients and students connect with their spiritual guides.

While I can assist with past life regressions, I do not communicate directly with people who have passed over.

Can I work with you for hypnotherapy?

Yes depending on what the issue is. Hypnotherapy is packaged into three sessions, which is priced differently Get in touch to discuss further. 

What will be the outcome of our session?

My role is to help you ‘tune your radio’, so to speak, into the spiritual realm which exists all around us. As a result, you should feel strongly connected to your spiritual guides and with further skills be able to use this connection to make more empowered decisions.

Each individual’s experience is different. Please get in touch or book a session to find out more.

What do I need to do to get the most out of my reading?

To maximise the information during your reading, it’s best to have an open mind on the process, not have a fixed perception on how the information will be shared.

Prior to the reading, jot down your questions on a piece of paper or make a mental note. Normally your questions will be answered prior to asking them and should there be any questions still unanswered you will have the opportunity to ask them towards the end of your reading.

Turning up for a reading just for fun or curiosity normally produces a poor result. Make sure you have a purpose and a reason behind your booking.